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 - Masseria La Torre

The "Educational Forest" of Masseria La Torre is an enchanting open-air school where it is possible to appreciate agriculture, the environment, and the territory. Every year educational projects are carried out for the pupils of the Infant School, Primary, Secondary School of I and II degree, and studied to give the opportunity to see nature: to discover the aromas, colors and flavors of the forest and live a unique sensory and emotional experience.
There is a way to live in a forest of Mediterranean vegetation, in an open-air school among holm oaks, valleys, cork oaks and pines, with the discreet company of wild animals such as foxes, beech, hedgehogs, frogs and toads without forgetting the hawks and buzzards.
It all started in 1997 with the plant of 11 hectares of forest in a land that was abandoned and degraded by fires and by intense pastoralism.
Since then, we work to revive the natural environment and protect the habitat from the destructive activities of man. From this we started for an increasingly intense program of direct knowledge of nature, education and awareness of respect for the environment, development of activities related to the protection of local heritage. Thanks to expert and qualified guides, participants will learn about the rural world, experiencing firsthand traditions, customs and traditions linked to the agriculture and forestry sectors.
Pupils will be brought closer to nature through real theoretical and practical workshops: touching trees and plants, observing animals, recognizing the signs of nature, collecting fruits and leaves of plants for recognition.
It is our goal to organize both activities aimed directly at children and for parents and teachers.
Educational objectives
To educate, through recreational activities, to respect the environment with a view to sustainability;
Educating young people about environmental issues;
Promote the growth of the sense of belonging to one's own territory with the knowledge of the environment;
To make young people know the qualities of a more natural lifestyle;
Contribute to the promotion of the territory, its history and its traditions.
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